Candy – Mike Williams & Dastic

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Mike Williams is a bit of a savage. His traks are all huge both in drop and quality. All of his songs are similar but, as the drop is the still just as good, they are all unreal… listen up and be prepared to destroy the replay button:

Mike Williams & Dastic – Candy:

Calvin Harris feat. John Newman – Blame (Mike Williams Remix):

Mike Williams – Konnichiwa:

Big stuff

House | Chainsmokers (feat. ?) – ID

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Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.02.01 PM


After digging up some tracks in our archives, we stumbled on this old Chainsmokers’ ID. They played it last year at Ultra, and have been consistently bumping it on tour throughout this year. Expect a release soon – here’s a preview rip. It’s hype and melodic (with just right amount of saw-synth grime to get you excited). Enjoy.

Chill | One Day (NHYX Remix) – Matisyahu

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Matisyahu - One Day (NHYX Remix)


Matisyahu–the musical genius behind “Live Like A Warrior” and other tunes–released “One Day” in 2009. NHYX (pronounced “NYX”) took the tune and flipped it on its head, gave it a facelift, modernized it, and flipped on its head again for good measure. Your result? A “Cheerleader” sounding tune with a beachier vibe and happier lyrics. “One Day” is not about some girl, but about that one day when we’ll all be free of worries and troubles. NHYX makes that day today with this outstanding remix. Give it a listen below. Enjoy.


Sinha’s State of the Union (Mid-Summer Edition)

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I’ve been pretty MIA for these last few months so instead of a lot of little posts I’m just gonna do a bigger one – be prepared for Sinha’s State of the Union:

Grizfolk – Hymnals (Jenaux Remix) [Radio Edit]
This is a trak I’ve wanted to posts for ages – I just kept forgetting. Jenaux is an unbelievable artist whose earlier remix of Sleepless is a timeless piece. His sound is very much the new age house – subtle build up to a perfectly executed drop… Great jam

Lauv – The Other (Ghosts Remix)
This song is much less house but trance. It’s a bit of a mix though and ends up being very mellow. The beat is catchy enough to hold your attention but not distracting – perfect for that summer grind – from the lawn to the office this trak is well done.

Sunrise – Iridium Feat. Kiah Victoria (Original Mix)
I don’t know how I feel about this song. Sometimes it’s constantly on repeat and other times I skip it – let me know what you think…

Diddy, Dirty Money Ft. Skylar Grey – Coming Home (Marc May Remix)
May takes a classic and adds an non-invasive remix that blows it over the top – a well done tune. It’s a nice tropical presence but not overbearing.

3LAU feat. Emma Hewitt – Alive Again
3LAU (Pronounced BLAU) has been holding up the flag for the traditional house industry and he continues to do so wonderfully. This whole trak is a masterpiece and very fluid. A strong vocal presence perfectly supplemented by a backdrop that builds into a drop.

3LAU – How You Love Me (Feat. Bright Lights)
Another very similar 3LAU song that does the job again. He has a proven formula – vocals, buildup, drop – and it delivers every time. This may be my favourite 3LAU song

If I Fall (Crystalize Remix)
Crystalize is the next big thing. They’ve been silently taking over the house market with their trance-esque dubstep-esque very new age music. Combining all types of house music, they are ones to keep tabs on – quote me on that.

Odesza – White Lies (Flips)
There are two absurd flips to this song that are very similar and both absurd. There is nothing to say just vibe out:
Filip Flip

Father Dude – Bring Us Back (Infuze Remix) [NESTHQ Premiere]
This song is a combo between future house and almost trance/dubstep. It’s very 50/50 – the people I have shown it to are very divided on whether they like it… See for your self. It’s very grndr esque:

Illenium & Said The Sky – Painted White ft. Cristina Soto
I really like this song… except I can’t really get around the huge beat drop at about 1:10 but I promise if you can get to 1:20 it is unbelievable… The vocals are disgustingly good and the sound matches perfectly with the pace of the song. Warning, the drop is repeated and comes back at 2:00 and a few other times (3:47 and 4:30 ish):

Greyhat – Glider
This song is weird and if you aren’t into that don’t listen to it. It is the next move in trance. Very fairy dust-esque. Very maniacal/brainwashy…I still keep listening to it so why not:

Hermitude – The Buzz feat. Mataya & Young Tapz (Sweater Beats Remix)
Hopefully everyone has heard the original, but if not check it out. This song (for me at least) put Hermitude on my radar… well they’ve been one upped – very big house:

Waterbed ft. Waterbed
Holy sh*t… This song is absurdly catchy and just read the description hahahah. Enjoy this one – but be sure to take it off repeat once in a while (I can’t):

Game Plan ft. Jon Bellion
For me, Jon Bellion is absurd. With his Woke the F*ck Up and All Time Low he has taken the game by storm… Well… F*ck your game plan:

Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life (Kasum Remix)

And my favorite one so far…Kasum is legendary…
This one
and this one
and this one
and this one
and this one
and finally
In Order:
Blink 182 – Adam’s Song (Kasum Remix)
Panic At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Kasum Remix)
Synchronice & Kasum – Glorious (feat. Ruby Prophet)
Paramore – Ain’t It Fun (Kasum Remix)
The Chainsmokers – KANYE (Kasum Remix)
Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Kasum Remix)

Anyway… his best song so far is this one. Not only is it a throwback, a summer jam, and a dope remix it’s also highly addictive – you won’t be able to stop bumping this trak, trust me:

And with that I round out my State of the Union (Mid-Summer Edition)
Jah Bless

#TBT | Smash Mouth

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Oh yeah. You read that right. Smash Mouth. The band has had its troubles over the years, but its core tunes live on (as exemplified by the playlist below). They’re nearly impossible to beat. So what happened to them? The lead singer Steve Harwell and bassist Paul De Lisle have championed these guys into 2015, while replacing guitarist after guitarist and drummer after drummer. Dedication. Below is a little graphic that’ll show you the timeline of the band members (courtesy of the reputable These tunes take you back a few years. Enjoy.

Smash Mouth Graphic