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Throwback Thursday (#TBT) : 11/19


Whats Luv – Ashanti ft. Fat Joe :

This old tune by Fat Joe and Ashanti is definitely worth your time. With Ashanti’s catchy hook and fresh verses from Fat Joe, we know you’ll like this throwback.

Wouldn’t Get Far (The Game ft. Kanye West):

The Game and Kanye teamed up to make this dope track in 2006 and we’re sure you’ll appreciate that we’re bringing it back to you.

Game’s Pain – The Game (ft. Keyshia Cole)

One of The Game’s better tracks on his 2008 LAX album, Game’s Pain reflects on hip-hop history and does so with a sweet beat and meaningful lyrics.

Chill | Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix) – ZHU

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.11.01 AM

FKJ is one of my favorite chill producers who I had forgotten about until just now. I stumbled across his remix of ZHU’s “Paradise Awaits” and immediately created a playlist of traks so that they wouldn’t get buried in my iTunes Library. FKJ’s remix is spectacular. He builds off ZHU’s original life, but slows it down and makes it more laidback. Enjoy.

House | So High – Tom Enzy feat. Chris Cronauer

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.01.22 PM

I’ve had this song on repeat for the last two days straight. At every chance I get, I bump this whether it be at school in the bathroom, the gym, or when I’m on the bus to/from school. This song is an all-around gem. The lyrics are meaningful and are refreshing to hear over the stupid vocals that are the hallmark of house music. This might be too soft for you, but it’s gold.

Chill | I Want You Back (Shaparder & LRX Remix) – The Jackson 5


Everyone’s heard of the Jackson 5 and their iconic smash hit, “I Want You Back.” The original is amazing and little Michael’s voice is unreal. Shaparder & LRX undertook the extremely hard task of improving upon the original by reworking its underlying melody and riff. I was skeptical at the first play, but I immediately loved this tune. Perfect to vibe out to.

House | Memories – Project 46

 OwbxytS_zps55311ae3 (1)

I found a unrealeased Project 46 and Laidback Luke trak that may very well be one of the best house singles out there. It has a sweet sounding intro, amazing drop, and even better finish. The audio-rip is below for you guys to check out. If you love the song, youtubetomp3 it. Listen for yourself and share it with your friends if you really think its up to par. Enjoy.